The Prepdeck!! My Honest Review!

As I’ve mentioned a few times, last spring I enrolled in Rouxbe’s plant-based cooking course, where I learned the importance of mise en place in cooking.

As you’re likely aware, mise en place is a French culinary term that means, simply, “everything in its place.” The idea is that before you begin the cooking process, you gather, measure, and chop all the ingredients.

Mise en place for Pho

Mise en place really makes all the difference…and yet I still rarely do it. When I DO actually do it, however, I’m so self-congratulatory, I can barely stand myself! There is something so satisfying about having everything ready at the exact moment you need it… opposed to having to dash into the pantry for broth while your vegetables are sticking to the pan.

And it was my love affair with the idea of mise en place that led me to……the Prepdeck!

I’d seen ads for the Prepdeck back when it was still a concept on Indigogo, but I’m far too impatient to order something and then wait a year and a half for it to be delivered, so I just kind of forgot about it….

The Prepdeck!

….until last November when someone mentioned in one of my many vegan Facebook groups that you can now order the Prepdeck online and, well, it was on sale, so I couldn’t resist. I have, however, come to realize that the Prepdeck is always actually “on sale,” so there was no real rush.

I paid $109 USD, which translates to just over $149 CDN. I did not buy any of the extras, though I was tempted by the nifty little knife holder that fits into one of the drawers. That knife holder would’ve brought my bill up to over $200 CDN, so I’m glad I resisted. Plus, my darling James made me a lovely knife holder from $5 worth of cedar…and it fits perfectly!

My Prepdeck arrived twelve days later and I was quite pleased with how everything fit together so perfectly and by the number of tools included.

Image from DesignSwan
Image from DesignSwan

With some effort, the tools fit onto the tops of the large and medium containers and all are surprisingly sturdy, particularly in comparison to other, flimsier parts of the unit. The grater, mandoline slicer, zester, and juicer all work just fine, as does the herb stripper on the 4-in-1 tool. The peeler on the same tool is awkward to use, however–I sliced my finger just trying to turn it, and peeling vegetables is no easy feat since it doesn’t fit well in your hand.

Prepdeck Tools

The tools all fit into a drawer on the left side of the unit, but if you do not put them in the correct order, the drawer sometimes will not close. The lids for the large containers also fit into this drawer.

Tool Drawer

The drawer on the right can be used as a compost container or to hold knives, which is how I’m using it–notice James’ handiwork!

Knife Drawer….and Stella hoping for a dropped morsel

The Prepdeck fits nicely on our small kitchen island, and with my compost bucket attached to the drawer, the workspace is very efficient for chopping and measuring. The large containers each hold 2.5 cups, the medium 1 cup, and the small 1/4 cup. The mini containers hold just over 2 TBS each. The mini containers are a problem because they do not have flat bottoms, so you can’t set them down to measure; the only place they can sit is in the larger unit itself and, once in the unit, you can’t use the markings to measure. I used these mini containers only once or twice to take pictures.

Further, the markings on all of the containers are next to impossible to see, so you can’t really use them for fine measuring. If you know you need two cups of broccoli, for example, they’re fine, but if you’re measuring out 1.75 cups of broth, you’d be better off with a measuring cup with clear markings. The same is true for the mini containers–you still need a set of measuring spoons unless you’re measuring out 2 TBS of spices. The main issue I have with the containers, however, is that the lids do not close properly–they just sit on top of the containers, so if you want to store something in the fridge, you have to be careful when you pick up the containers so you don’t spill the contents everywhere.

Mise en Place for Vegan Chick’n Stew
Aerial View of Prepdeck

The cutting board itself detaches from the unit for easy washing, which is handy, but, it’s not the best quality cutting board. According to Prepdeck, their cutting boards are made from “durable, high-quality polypropylene, a BPA free, antibacterial, food-safe material,” but every slice you make on it will result in a knife mark. Further, I once placed two warm pitas on the cutting board and the heat from the pitas caused the board to buckle up along the seam and stay that way until I placed a weight on it for several minutes.

Knife marks after two months of use

It addition, the black design on the reverse side of the cutting board–the side that acts as a cover for the unit–was slightly bubbled when I received it and has now started actually peeling away from the edges. The skin (for lack of a better word) seems like cheap, poorly applied contact paper.

My other main issue with the Prepdeck is that, other than the tools, which are quite sturdy, the unit feels a bit flimsy–in fact, I’m always worried a corner of one of the drawers will snap off or I’ll shatter a container by dropping it on the tile floor.

I do love the convenience and design of my Prepdeck, but I have to say that I’m disappointed in its lack of quality, particularly since the unit was so expensive.

Had I paid, say, $49.99 for the Prepdeck, I would be perfectly satisfied, but I paid three times that amount, so I did expect a product of much higher quality.

Update: April 28th, 2020

As I mentioned above, the cutting board for the unit detaches for washing, slides back in easily, and attaches with three very strong magnets. One magnet fell out after three months and a second after four. The magnets are small, so they could be easily lost; fortunately, the tiny magnets stuck to a metal clamp on the island, so James glued them back in. Had the magnets have been lost or been scooped up and eaten by the dogs (a real possibility with the pebble-eating maniac, Poppy), they would be impossible to replace and that feature of the Prepdeck would be lost. A small detail, perhaps, but it does speak to the quality (or lack thereof) of the unit.

Update: March 26th, 2021

So, after sixteen months, The Prepdeck no longer sits on my little kitchen island: I gave it to James for his workshop (in which to store screws and nails). The peeling contact paper on the outside of the unit had become unsightly, and I was sick of trying to keep track of the little magnets that kept falling out. I also realized I used The Prepdeck only very, very rarely. Further, the only tools I ever used were the zester and the mandoline slicer; plus, getting the tool lids to fasten properly to the containers was just too fiddly and always took far too long.

My advice: spend your $150 on a year of Netflix or, better yet, a set of Global knives. James got me a set of three when I started my Rouxbe course and, though I laughed because we already had tons of knives, I have come to love my Global chef’s knife to the point I don’t like having to use any other knife. The quality is excellent, and if you keep them sharpened, slicing will always be a pleasure!

So that’s my honest review–the good, the bad, and the flimsy.

And the song of the day is, of course, the theme song to The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly:

15 thoughts on “The Prepdeck!! My Honest Review!

  1. Finally, a decent review, thank you!! So bummed to hear the lids don’t snap— I’ve had containers like that before, annoying.


  2. It’s quite sad for me to make a complaint such as this, and that after waiting for such a long time. this was a gift for my wife.

    1) the finishing on the black marble effect cutting board is bubbling up – and at the folds, it’s breaking.

    2) the utensils side draw does not fit flush. It’s staying out. (tried with/without utensils inside).

    3) NON of the containers are airtight. Any of the prep we put in there goes bad. the lids actually don’t close properly at all (non of them). Even the extra ones I had ordered – the same issue.

    I hate to say but this overall quality of this product and what I’ve paid for is not acceptable at all.


    1. Chetan, I agree–it’s very disappointing, especially considering the high price! I also find that the drawer doesn’t close sometimes, yet it does at others–I haven’t quite figured out the configuration that ensures closure! Too bad you didn’t read my review before you bought the unit 😦


  3. I wish I had read this review prior to purchasing! I agree with all of this regarding the quality. I will add, I bought the Prepdeck + which includes an additional cutting board, and the media stand, plus a few extra containers and a carrying bag. The phone stand is supposed to snap into a slot on the back, which it does, but then the cutting board cannot seat properly because the phone stand blocks the middle “pull tab” part of the cutting board. This drove me nuts. I am returning mine. That is the one saving grace is that they offer a full return (including shipping) within 30 days.


  4. Thanks for your review. I am in communication with Prepdeck regarding the poor quality of this very expensive product. I specifically cannot secure the lids to the large containers. Prepdeck did respond with a video suggesting that the seals were incorrectly installed (by them not me). I followed the video and that was not the issue. They then asked that I submit a video demonstrating how I am putting the lid on the container. Honestly, the internet is filled with people reporting the same complaint, I know that this is not news to them. This is a quality control and design flaw that they need to fix. I also enjoy many features of the Prepdeck, but a product the is more $125 needs function with issues.


  5. Yesss finally a review over time! Thank you for this! I saved myself 150 bucks (with shipping). It was just so intriguing with the organization. I wonder if I can show my dad and he would be able to mimick it with better quality 😊


    1. Thanks for reading, Chelsea, and I’ll bet your dad could make a kickass food prep station with a wooden cutting board and some stainless food prep containers. I’ve been trying to encourage James to do this since my Prepdeck died!


  6. Thank you for the review. I am still going to order one (for $69 Black Friday special) but will not use the cutting board to cut on. I will use a second one. I will see if the “cover” holds up that way and will let you know. I will also test all of the magnets and re-glue them before using with super strong glue. The lids not sealing don’t bother me since I am only going to use them for prep and won’t be holding food in them for long periods. Thanks for the tips. I will keep you posted.


  7. Thanks for this detailed review. I was just about to order two as Christmas gifts. The idea for this product is great I think I will just wait to order until they improve the quality.


  8. After reading these comments I’m glad my Prepdeck didn’t arrive.
    I saw the product on Shark Tank and it seemed to be exactly what this messy cook needed and I loved the idea of so many things in one place.
    I almost ordered through their website but the price was going to more than double with shipping to Canada. And then there was the exchange rate and duty …
    I was spammed multiple times a day even after telling them that the cost became too outrageous with shipping. It continued for a few weeks after I unsubscribed then finally quit.
    But I kept thinking how awesome it would be.
    On impulse I ordered through Amazon. The next day I had buyer’s remorse but it had already shipped, so I decided that it would be a special treat for myself.
    I was concerned by the inability to track the order. It would say to contact the seller to track, but no one got back to me. After three weeks I received a notice that the shipment had been delayed and the anticipated arrival date changed. After five weeks I had nothing.
    I had larger personal issues on my mind and just figured it would eventually show up.
    When another shipping date passed I contacted them through Amazon and said that I wanted a refund as I had waited a ridiculous amount of time without receiving the product.
    I was told the refund would be processed and that if the package arrived I could just keep it.
    What does that tell you? Simply that it was never sent. If it had really been in transit all of that time they wouldn’t have been able to recall it. That was a month ago and nothing ever showed up on my end.
    My guess is that after the TV appearance they weren’t able to keep up with demand.
    If the product is as bad as your reviews indicate, they are likely also swamped with returns.
    It’s very unfortunate.
    I’d love to know if someone finds something similar.
    I guess I could just stack some of my containers between the cutting board and wall and do almost the same thing lol.
    Happy cooking!


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