Vegan Pancakes

I’m back in the saddle again, and I’ve been veganing for five days now. We’re also back on the five-miles-a-day track, so…yay! One thing about the Eat-to-Live plan that I find a bit difficult is that a couple of days in (particularly if we’re walking for an hour and forty-five minutes a day) I long for something that sticks to my ribs more than the leafy greens and beans and veggies.

Vegan pancakes seem to fit the bill the best, and I’ve been trying different recipes. The best I’ve found, by far, is this one on “Veganista’s Kitchen“–a recently discovered blog with great resources and recipes. These are low fat and taste great with a smear of almond butter, banana slices, and a teensy drop of maple syrup.

Veganista notes that the recipe makes ten pancakes, but my mixture made twelve (at a quarter-cup of the mixture per pancake), which I figured out at about eighty calories per cake. Not too shabby! Two cakes with a smear of almond butter, a couple of slices of banana on each and a dot of maple syrup ring in at about 300 calories (and it’s a substantial breakfast or Sunday lunch).

Okay…I ate three.

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