Red Pepper Fettucine and Sriracha-Roasted Broccolli…

Finally tried the recipe for Red Pepper Fettuccine, and it was delicious. I want to try every recipe on this blog: Fo Reals Life. Unfortunately, the link to her recipe for sriracha-roasted broccoli was broken, so I found another one online. It was also delicious, but the sauce was spread pretty thin. I’m going to try it again with this recipe from Rosemaried because the proportions look more realistic.

I used brown rice rotini, rather than fettuccine, but next time I’ll use long noodles. I also tried the vegan parm, and it was very good (though the blogger’s warning about the mixture turning to almond butter must be well heeded).


I’m going to try her cheese sauce later today (to–hopefully–add it to my collection of vegan “cheese” sauces). …or maybe this version for a bit of spice!

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