New Thug Cookbook!!!

Just got my hands on a copy of the new Thug Kitchen cookbook, and it looks fabulous! It’s called Thug Kitchen: Party Grub, but don’t let the name fool you–the book contains lots of recipes for dinner casseroles and brunch (along with the same vulgarities we all know and love from the first Thug cookbook)! I’ve already sent a copy to one of my nieces and will likely be sending copies to my other vegan-ish rellies over the next few weeks.

I’ve been reading it like a novel for the past few days and am turning down pages like a boss. The first recipe I’m going to try is what looks like a delicious (and easy) artichoke dip (oh, man, I LOVE a nice artichoke dip!!!).

Will report back with the results!!

PS What amazes me about cookbooks (in general) is that they are invariably beautifully bound with amazing pictures and (usually) well-written and well-tested recipes, yet they are relatively inexpensive. I occasionally buy a Kindle version of a cookbook, but they’re not nearly as satisfying to read, and for little more than double the price, you can purchase a beautiful, hardbound cookbook!



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