Beverages….and Baked Potatoes

I’ve been sick with the flu for close to a week and haven’t had the energy to make my morning green drink, which seems to become more complex and labour-intensive with each passing day. It now looks like this even before I add the frozen fruit and kale:


The various powders, potions, and seeds on top of my leafy greens are powdered magnesium (prescribed by my niece, Sharon, the health-food guru, for twitchy muscles), beet powder (for blood pressure), turmeric (to repair free-radical damage), flax seed (omega 3s) and chia seeds (I wish to hell I could remember), and liquid chlorophyll (prescribed by Rena, another health-food guru).

In addition to my morning green drink, in place of my usual buckets of wine with dinner and the occasional (meaning daily) pre-prandial vodka martini, I’ve been enjoying a variety of green and herbal teas and flavoured soda waters for the past several weeks. The missing alcohol calories alone seem to have had an effect: for one thing, I can actually wear my favourite belt again (not that I can breathe when I wear it, but hey, the belt now makes it around my waist!).

In any event, I was reading my new bible, How Not to Die, and came across the research-based fact that hibiscus tea is very good for reducing cholesterol (as effective as prescription medicine) AND reducing blood pressure…not that I have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, but I AM in the age range where these things start, so what the hell. Oh, and Dr. Michael Greger apparently drinks hibiscus tea every morning!

Anyway, I ordered up a pound of dried hibiscus flower tea online and a huge package of it arrived from Amazon today. It’s quite beautiful…


And when brewed, it’s a lovely red colour…


Taste-wise…the jury’s out. It’s quite sourish, but, what the hell, I used to think that about green tea, and now I’m addicted to it.

The other thing I made today–Mexican Baked Potatoes–is an assembly more than a recipe: twice-baked potatoes with the filling removed and mixed with this cashew-cheese sauce and rebaked. After that I topped the potatoes with black beans, chopped onions, tomatoes, serrano peppers, cilantro, black olives, and salsa verdi. It doesn’t look pretty, but it’s delicious (and verrrry filling)!


I’m seriously starting to think that everything I make looks exactly the same.





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