Super Healthy Five-Minute Vegan Ramen!!

Last time I was at Costco, I picked up a twelve pack of my favourite organic brown-rice-and-millet ramen for Emily because I know how much she loves ramen. A couple of months later, I asked if she needed a refill, but she said she didn’t really use it much because the Lotus Foods ramen doesn’t come with the flavour packets that the cheap ramen does!

Well, this troubled me so I set about trying to make a flavourful ramen in the time it takes for the noodles to cook. For someone who usually has a minimum of seventeen ingredients for every recipe, this was a bit of challenge, but I ended up with a super simple, quick ramen that also happens to be only SIX Weight Watchers points for a gigantic bowl. Indeed, all ingredients except the noodles are zero-point foods!

So here we go:

Heat to boiling three cups of vegetable broth. As it’s coming to a boil, stir in a big dollop of miso and a tsp of Better Than Bouillon vegetable base:

Once the broth is boiling, add a block of ramen noodles:

Let it boil for one minute, meanwhile, chop a couple of mushrooms, half a stalk of celery, and a couple of ounces of tofu:

Mushrooms, Tofu, and Celery

After one minute, break up the noodles in the broth and add the mushrooms, celery, and tofu.

Let it boil for another minute, then add some frozen peas:

In the last two minutes, chop some arugula (or spinach/chard/baby kale), cilantro, and pea shoots (if you have them!).

Pea Shoots, Arugula, Cilantro

In the last few seconds, add some Sambal Oelek to add a bit of heat to your soup:

Sambal Oelek

Line your bowl with the chopped arugula, decant your ramen, and top with cilantro and pea shoots, and there you have it! A delicious bowl of super healthy ramen in as long as it takes the noodles to boil!

And the song of the day is Van Morrison’s “Tupelo Honey” for Em–apparently, she’s as sweet as Tupelo honey and an angel of the first degree!

3 thoughts on “Super Healthy Five-Minute Vegan Ramen!!

  1. Sounds delish! I don’t know what’s more amazing. The fact you have all of the ingredients and I bet didn’t have “run”out and pick up something that was missing, or, the fact you can teach me a new word while providing a recipe! Decant your ramen, Lol. You’re awesome 😀


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