Vegg McMuffins!!!!

As I was scrolling through The Tofu Appreciation Society Facebook page the other day, I came across a rather clever method for creating vegan eggs from tofu.

And, yes…yes I do actually belong to a group called “The Tofu Appreciation Society”…and another called “The Seitan Appreciation Society,” and perhaps a few more with equally embarrassing names.

In any event, the method employed by the group member to create the vegan eggs was to blend one 454 gm. package of extra-firm tofu with The Gentle Chef’s tofu-scramble-seasoning recipe, press it into a pan, and bake for twenty minutes at 400 degrees.

I decided to try her method, but pressed the tofu mixture into muffin tins to create little rounds to look like poached or fried eggs.

I used 1 TBS of the seasoning mix and I also pressed a spoon into the centre to create a space for the yolk.

Tofu “eggs” before baking
…and after baking

As for the yolk, though I have some powdered Vegg, I decided to try Gas Oakley’s brilliant method for creating yolks: a mixture of vegan mayo and sriracha. SO simple, but SO perfect!!

The yolk is vegan mayo mixed with sriracha!

Next, I made some vegan sausage patties from this rather amazing recipe. Chazz told me about this recipe a couple of years ago and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to try it!

The result was delicious!! James had two Vegg McMuffin…with sliced tomato and lots of vegan butter.

I had one (so virtuous) and no vegan butter…but lots of avocado (virtue be damned!).

The recipe for the eggs makes eight or nine little eggs. The recipe for the sausage patties makes eighteen patties, so in the future, I may double the tofu egg recipe and freeze them for quick Vegg McMuffin breakfasts!

My darling niece, Erin, is visiting with her lovely daughter, Asha, tomorrow. Erin has recently gone plant-based so I’m very eager to try out this breakfast recipe on her. I suspect Asha, who apparently is not as enamoured of the plant-based life, may have cereal!! This shot from many years ago remains my favourite picture of Erin and Asha (and Everett–Asha’s cousin). James and I have been wondering whether Asha will remember Sideways Cottage from her visit her so many years ago, but, since she was only three years old at the time, we aren’t confident she will!

And the song of the day is Miner’s “Bonfire Cabaret” because I’m struck by how much they remind me of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Don’t get me wrong, I like Miner, but every single time they come up on a playlist, I think I’m listening to Alex and Jade.

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