Quick Crispy Air-Fried Tofu!!

One of my recent vegan discoveries is Caitlin Shoemaker’s Frommybowl.com blog, Youtube channel and Instagram. Her recipes are invariably quick and incredibly tasty….and her “What I Ate in a Day” videos are oddly fascinating. I’m hoping Caitlin is working on a cookbook I can buy multiple copies of to send to my daughter and all my darling nieces.

In any event, I was watching one of her many batching videos, and she happened to mention her quick method of making crispy tofu. I thought it sounded too good to be true, but was intrigued enough to give it a try. Sure enough, the tofu was excellent, and her method has now become my quick go-to for preparing tofu. I even use this method for stir-fries and ramen soup, where in the past, I would’ve just chucked the cubed tofu into the dish.

Her method for the tofu starts at 8:00:

Caitlin’s method for crispy tofu!

Now, of COURSE, I adapted her recipe a bit by adding a few less-than-healthy ingredients (as is my wont), but I like it even better with the adaptations. Here’s my version:

Quick Crispy Air-Fried Tofu

1 454-gram package of tofu, pressed and diced

2 TBS soy sauce

2 TBS nutritional yeast

2 TBS tapioca flour

several dashes Maggi sauce (or vegan Worcestershire sauce)

several dashes liquid smoke

Toss the cubed tofu in the soy sauce and, once saturated, toss with the rest of the ingredients. Place well-spaced on lightly sprayed parchment paper in the air-fryer (at 400 degrees) for approximately eighteen minutes. Flip it at the halfway mark (and keep a close eye on the tofu to ensure it’s not too well done).

And there you go! Now you can add these succulent chunks of deliciousness to stir-fried vegetables over basmati rice (with a quick peanut sauce) or toss it into your ramen soup!!

Delicious, healthy, and SO DAMN QUICK!!

Delicious all by itself!
Stir-fried vegetables and crispy tofu with peanut sauce on brown basmati rice
Ramen with portobello mushrooms and crispy tofu

And the song of the day is Andrew Bird’s haunting “Fatal Shore”:

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