Cool New Appliance…

I’m an appliance junkie, but I’ve really been trying to resist flashy new toys because our loft kitchen is so tiny. Even so, I can’t believe I’ve been trying to make frozen-fruit ice cream in my blender when something as amazing as the Yonanas machine exists. Yonanas is kind of amazing because it transforms frozen fruit into a bowl of deliciousness the texture of soft ice cream. Apparently, the product been around for a little while, but I just heard about it when my niece posted a picture of it on FB. Of course, I rushed out to buy one and was delighted with my first bowl of banana-peach “ice cream”.

I called a couple of friends, and they all had one!!! I can’t believe they’ve been keeping this from me! They all said they use it rarely though…something about never having frozen fruit around. HA! I’m going to use this sucker EVERY day:

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