Kale Growing on the New Westminster Quay…

So we recently moved to a funky little loft in New West–a strange move for me because I’ve lived in Vancouver for the past forty-five years. I’d had my eye on this building on the Quay in New West for a number of years, however, and, a couple of months ago, we made the move. We’ve been getting to know New West over the past several weeks by wandering around its streets. It’s such a funny, quirky place–we love it. Today was a beautiful sunny day (after several days of rain), and all the flowers in the gardens along the Quay were blossoming. We’d been noticing decorative cabbage in the winter, and today, we noticed great bushy bunches of kale growing in the various (highly cultivated) gardens along the water. There seemed to be Swiss chard as well!


Curious, I did some research when I arrived home and learned that the New West City Horticulture Department plants kale and, when it’s ready to eat, donates it to the food bank! How cool is that?!!

Claude LeDoux, horticulture manager for the city says, “Kale, cabbage, leeks, lettuce and small tomatoes all help to make really nice displays and as they ripen we also donate them to the food bank.” LeDoux also apparently has an elaborate garden on the property of his New West heritage home, and he donates ten bags a week from his own garden to the food bank! Very, very impressive!

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