A Slightly Healthier Beer Bread

In an attempt to make a healthier beer bread (i.e., a lower proportion of white flour), I spent the morning browsing recipes and came up with this one. The crust is lovely–super crunchy!

wpid-20140808_111910It’s as straightforward as Annie’s, but uses half wholewheat flour and half white flour. There’s also a bit more sugar.

I gave it to J for lunch with some vegetarian chili and he pronounced it delicious:



And as I was stumbling about online looking for methods to sprout chia seeds (the sprouter doesn’t work for mucilaginous seeds…as I found out), I stumbled across this blog–The Happy Raw Kitchen–and couldn’t help but try these little cucumber cups. Mine are filled with a dot of sriracha, a scoop of hummus, a dot of salsa, and a little bunch of sprouts.



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