The Definitive Creamy Peanut Sauce

I spent the morning planting my chia plants in a pot…well, googling “planting chia seedlings” (one hour) and THEN planting them in a pot (5 minutes).

wpid-20140809_125532I’ll admit it looks rather strange, but that’s because when I first tried to sprout my chia seeds, I used my sprouter and they turned into a gelatinous mess. I should’ve researched first. Next, I tried them on hunks of damp gauze, which worked brilliantly…except that apparently, they are microgreens, not sprouts, so they actually take hold of whatever you’re sprouting them on. The chia sprouts shot down roots right through the gauze! I figured I’d just try planting them in a pot of earth…gauze and all. We’ll see what happens. Apparently, with microgreens, you trim them off at the root to use them (as opposed to sprouts).

After that little adventure, I tried to perfect my favourite peanut sauce. Of course, if it were up to me, my peanut “sauce” would just be runny peanut butter (yum), but J likes only the mildest trace of peanut butter taste AND peanut butter is pretty high in fat and calories, so the trick is finding the right balance of peanutty flavour–enough to please me, but not so much that J refuses to eat it.

Here’s my latest….made creamy with silken tofu. It’s also only about 30 calories per ounce (whereas peanut butter is close to 200 calories per ounce).

Creamy Peanut Sauce

2 TBSP minced garlic

3 TBSP sambal olek

2 TBSP soy sauce

2 TBSP nutritional yeast

1 TBSP white wine vinegar (or any vinegar without a strong flavour)

3 TBSP peanut butter

1/3 package soft Silken tofu

2 tsp BTB paste

2 TBS fresh ginger

1/2 cup boiling water

handful of fresh chives

Here’s dinner. As it turns out, James preferred the sambal-&-sweet-soy sauce to the peanut sauce, so I had the peanut sauce (yum!) and he had that.



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