The Wild Rice Market Bistro at The River Market on the New West Quay

In addition to the amazing Donald’s Market, the River Market on the New West Quay is home to The Wild Rice Market Bistro, which offers a variety of vegan food so delicious that we’ve been twice in the last week. Being up at the cabin for three months really does help to save money on eating out, but we tend to binge a bit on take-out and restaurants in the first couple of weeks home.

Our trip to Ontario in May, which included some very fancy dinners in Stratford, Niagara-on-the-Lake, and Waterloo, was incredibly disappointing food-wise because the vegetarian options were so frequently limited, uninspiring, or just plain awful. There was one exception, which I’ll post about later. We went straight up to the cabin after that trip, so we’ve been missing the really great vegetarian meals that most BC restaurants offer (including my current favourite–The Wild Rice).

These are my two favourite meals at The Wild Rice, and the servings are so huge that I guarantee you will taking half home for dinner. I had the Kung Pao Tofu for lunch, and ate the half I couldn’t finish for dinner…AND an evening snack.


J had the green curry with chili tofu, which was also delicious:


We started with the vegetable spring rolls, but they were gone before I had a chance to take a picture! The spring rolls are crispy and always piping hot and come with a very interesting and tasty dipping sauce (and are served on a bed of clover). Other recommendations: the vegetable pot stickers, the fried rice with chili tofu, and the house salad (which is, like everything else they serve, enormous).


2 thoughts on “The Wild Rice Market Bistro at The River Market on the New West Quay

  1. Now I’m hungry at 3pm in the afternoon at work and it’s too hot to cook today…… I’m coming to your place for dinner instead 🙂


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