Three Cool New Recipes: More Vegan Cheese Sauce, Vegan Mayo, and Fat-Free Hashbrowns!!

…well, two recipes and an “assembly.”

I discovered a new blog yesterday–Brand New Vegan–which had a couple of recipes I tried today. The first is yet another vegan cheese sauce, which is very good and very low fat as well. I made only one adjustment–I added two TBS. Better Than Bouillon “No Chicken” soup base and it really schmecked up the taste.

Through Brand New Vegan, I also discovered Chef Mark Anthony’s blog and made his “Simple Tofu Spread,” which is kind of a simple vegan mayo. I’m definitely trying this tomorrow on a sandwich. I may have added a touch or BTB vegetarian soup base as well. Oh, and I mixed about a third of this with about three tablespoons of Sambal Oelek for a really spicy vegan mayo. I would have used my beloved Sriracha, but we’re up at the cabin and there’s none in the pantry!

The last thing I made, which is DELICIOUS, is an “assembly” of ingredients for fat-free hashbrown potatoes. These are better that the fat-filled ones you get in restaurants, which are always floppy. Here’s the link. The only thing I changed is that I used a grill rather than a waffle iron, and I covered the bottom of the grill with chopped onions. If you don’t shred the potatoes yourself, you have to be sure to buy the frozen ones without oil in the ingredient list.

J actually liked the vegan cheese sauce and hash browns, both of which formed part of our dinner this evening. As I served him his vegan bowl, I said, “You’ll likely be hungry again in about an hour.” HA! He was heading to the kitchen to make himself a cheese sandwich the moment he put down his fork!

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