Day Twelve: A Deluxe Bowl

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I love any version of “the bowl”–a green, a grain, a bean, and a sauce. This evening, I made a version of the classic Jerusalem Bowl, which I made a couple of years ago, but, instead of steamed broccoli, I included grilled broccoli, and, I also added a bit of plain, grilled tofu for added oomph because J happened to be particularly hungry this evening.


It was good….ish, but I added too much. I should have left out the tofu, and I should have left the rice as plain brown basmati (instead of adding vegetable broth). There were WAY too many flavours and textures going on.


The verdict is in–I would make it again, but sticking with the original recipe (set out in my earlier post). It’s a nice, fresh bowl and doesn’t need the extras. I couldn’t finish mine, but J did a fine job…and even had a couple of slices of olive bread.

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