Day Thirteen: Yee-haw!! Vegan Junkfood!!

Sometimes you need a bit of a break from the healthy. Today was that day….partly because I needed a break from the vegan dinners and partly because I wanted to watch the federal election debates.

Anyway, we stuck to the vegan, but we deviated from the super healthy. The menu was Vegan Chick’n Burgers (no chicken involved here, folks!) and Roasted Potatoes:

We started with lovely fresh hamburger buns that we filled with Schneider’s Meatless Chick’n Patties:


These things are freakin’ amazing on a bun. We also tossed new potatoes, onions, and minced garlic with a tiny bit of oil and baked them on 400 for 45 minutes (tossing them once halfway through).


The result was a delicious faux “chick’n” burger and fries:


Oh my goodness…this “chick’n” burger was VERY yummy…especially when topped with slices of ripe avocado!

And then Jamie-boy broke out a bottle of champagne!


Not sure why, but I THINK it’s because I was so pleased at how well Elizabeth May did in the debate (…though we both acknowledge it would be futile to vote for her…and not sure whether J supports her at this point anyway. And James is a lovely partner to be pleased that I’m pleased!)

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