Unexpected Harvest….and Green Tomato Salsa!!

So we’re up at the cabin for the Thanksgiving weekend, and it’s been pouring rain for most of the weekend. When it rains up here, it’s CRAZY, heaping, loud, windy rain, but so, so cozy in front of the woodstove.

We were pleased to notice when we arrived, that a number of our veg trugs were still producing a nice harvest.


We collected tons of kale…




…Swiss chard, baby romaine and butter lettuce…


…tiny, second-harvest baby carrots and fat green onions…


…acorn squash…


…and FINALLY, some tomatoes. Yeah, they’re green, but there’s about two-and-a-half pounds of them….


So we made this awesome Green Tomato Salsa


Now, I SUCK at growing tomatoes, and the two Sweet 100s cherry-tomato plants I bought and lovingly planted, fertilized, watered, and nurtured all sunny, sunny sumer produced almost nothing. However, this one crazy tomato plant that emerged from the compost I spread on my herbs and let grow eventually produced a nice two-and-a-half pound harvest of (I grant you, unripe, green) tomatoes.

Still, it’s the best I’ve ever done with tomatoes. And they were from seed, started late, and likely GMO-grocery-store-tomato-seeds.

I halved the recipe, but used more jalepeno pepper, so it’s super hot, and very nice! I thought it would be greener, but the red of the red peppers kind of countered the green of the green tomatoes. The colour is kind of insipid, but it does taste awesome…and very, very spicy!!


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