Field Roast Sausages: Delicious…IF Properly Managed

We recently tried these rather amazing vegan sausages by Field Roast, a Seattle company that makes “grain meat” products that don’t contain a collection of nasty preservatives. Sure, they’re processed, but they aren’t highly processed, and sometimes you just want a bit of variety.


We originally tried the Smoked Apple Sage sausage on a bun, which was good, but kind of….monolithic (for lack of a better word). Seriously, it tasted awesome, but there was just too much super-dense sausage for the bun.

On a tip from Annie (who enlightened us about the existence of this product in the first place), the next time we tried it, I  crumbled the sausage and cooked it with onions and chopped kale and cabbage…


…and put it in a quinoa wrap spread with hummus and loaded with rice, broccoli sprouts, savoury cashew cream, a schmear of sriracha, and a bit of iceberg lettuce for crunch.


–it was delicious!


This evening, we tried the Italian sausage, and, having learned my lesson, I chopped up one sausage and browned it before adding it to a red-pepper tomato sauce to top some brown rice pasta. Again, it was delicious!!

You can see the chunks of sausage below (one chopped sausage is more than enough for two servings).


Note that it’s topped with vegan parm from Minimalist Baker.

Verdict: the sausages are worth the rather  exorbitant price if you “manage” their monolithic nature.

Oh, and check out the Italian version of the vegan sausage sliced on a pizza–yum yum!



Oh…and speaking of wraps, I’m also dying to try these ones from Raw.Vegan.Not Gross.


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