Easy Bread Recipe Update….

I’ve been making a batch of my easy-peasy, cheap-o bread a couple of times a week now, and it just gets better and better. Also, at about 25 cents a loaf, it’s kind of  miraculous. Bid and Paul came by last week for lunch, and I made a loaf to have with broccoli soup and it was amazing. Indeed, they loved the bread so much that I made another loaf for our first Friday Feast of the season (which usually takes place on the Victoria Day weekend).

My sweet girl surprised me by appearing at the back door of the cabin on Sunday (and I was so shocked and excited since, as far as I knew she was still in Dublin, that I choked on my chard-leaf wrap!). On Sunday, we went over to Hornby to surprise Bid and Paul with Emily’s arrival and brought over yet another loaf for them to munch on. James had the idea to add black olives and parmesan to their loaf, and the result was brilliant!


The odd part of the whole enterprise is that the crust of every loaf turns out slightly different. Today, I’m experimenting with replacing some of the white flour with whole wheat flour (1/3 whole wheat to 2/3 white), so we’ll see how that turns out. I’m going to try it as a pizza crust as well. I’ll report back on the results of my various experiments.

And now, I’m off to the little Denman post office to pick up a number of cookbooks that I haven’t been able to resist!! Hopefully, the craft store is open as well, so I can buy Em a little gifty or two before she heads off later today for the mainland.



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