Better Almond Butter

As I may have mentioned two or three hundred times, my favourite thing to eat is anything peanutty–peanut butter, peanut sauce, peanut-butter cups, plain old peanuts, you name it! And peanuts are good for you, but they aren’t as good as other nuts (and aren’t, strictly speaking, nuts). The reason is that, unlike other nuts and seeds, peanuts taste good only when roasted, and they’re usually over-roasted, which decreases nutritional value and also produces acrylamides , which are carcinogenic.


Because of this, I will often buy organic almond butter, but when I go to eat it, there’s two inches of oil covering four inches of rock-hard almond butter. I’ll invariably open the jar, stare at it for a few minutes, place it back in the fridge and reach for the peanut butter instead. Then I’ll discover it two years later and throw it away. I discovered TWO such jars in my fridge the other day and another in my pantry. I chucked the ones in the fridge and then set about trying to discover ways to soften it up and make it palatable. I finally came across a method on OhSheGlows that does just that. Here’s my very slightly altered version:

Mix until smooth in a blender:

  • 1 jar almond butter
  • equal amount of almond milk (just measure it in the empty jar)
  • maple syrup to taste (add a couple of tablespoons and then gradually add more to your taste)


It’s very good and very easy to manage! I even drizzled some on a fruit salad and it was delicious!!


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