In a Cabbage Leaf…

So I’ve been enjoying my Chard-Leaf Breakfast Wraps most mornings, but the whole chard-leaf conundrum has been a bit painful. First off, giant chard leaves are rather pricey; second, out of a big bunch, only about half are crisp and tear-free; third, the bunch usually wilts after a few days and loses it freshness and crunch (and doesn’t look very appetizing. I finally started using romaine leaves, which are a bit cheaper, but the ends are always kind of gross and floppy.

However, we always have at least one big cabbage in the fridge, so I thought I’d give my breakfast wrap a try in a cabbage leaf (particularly since I often include a little chopped cabbage for crunchiness in my chard wrap anyway).

Why cabbage? It’s cheap, we always have one on hand, it’s SUPER healthy, and it lasts for-freakin’-EVER!!

Anyway, it was fantastic! James even let me make him a couple (and he’s not usually a fan of the leaf wraps. He loved it as well.

So it’s just a big cabbage leaf spread with a bit of hummus and a teaspoon or so of savoury cashew cream and sriracha. This is topped with chopped celery and tomato and a little handful of broccoli sprouts. Finally, chop up half a Field Roast Vegan Sausage and some chopped onion, pan fry, and add to the construction. It is so delicious and crispy!!



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