Flatbread on the BBQ

So yesterday, scheduled maintenance by BC Hyrdro meant we had no electricity for the day, and though we’d had lots of notice, I completely forgot and failed to make any bread for the day!

By the time lunch rolled around, we were both pretty peckish, however, so I heated up some vegan chili on the woodstove….


James always likes a bit of bread with his chili, however, so I thought I’d try making flatbread on the barbecue. To that end, I pinched off a small piece of dough from my no-knead dough in the fridge and stretched it out a bit while James heated up the barbecue (and placed a lightly oiled grill on the grill). Ideally, a flatbread can be cooked directly on the barbecue grill, but, if you recall, my no-knead is VERY wet, so it would have dripped through the grill.

Once the grill reached about 300 degrees, I placed the dough on the grill and closed the lid.


I think with regular dough (as opposed to the very wet, no-knead dough), the flatbread bakes in about six minutes (three minutes per side), but the wet dough takes a bit longer.

I think, all in, it was about ten to twelve minutes (about five or six minutes per side). Once the dough was brown-tinged on the bottom, I flipped it.


Because I didn’t use much oil (just a quick spray), the crust was more white than brown and I was a bit concerned that the centre would still be gummy. However, I used my internal thermometre to ensure that the flatbread achieved a temperature of 210 degrees (you’ll note the prong of the thermometre above–that thing is a bloody lifesaver!!!).

The result was a delicious lunch of vegan chili and herbed flatbread in less than twenty minutes!


Oh, and as I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve recently been throwing a few handfuls of Bragg’s Sprinkles into my no-knead dough, but it’s rather pricey, so I tried my own herb/spice mix and it worked very well!

Quick Herb Mix

1 TBS each of

  • dried basil
  • dried rosemary
  • dried oregano
  • onion powder
  • garlic powder.

It was quite good, but not as profound a taste as the Bragg’s mix. One thing I notice that’s missing is the taste/smell of sage that’s in the Bragg’s mix, so I may add that (ever so slightly) to future experiments. The problem will be proportion because a little sage goes a loooooong way, and too much makes everything taste like turkey stuffing.

Oh, and I found Angela Liddon’s new cookbook on sale at Costco last week, so I’m gearing up to try a few of her “every day” recipes!





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