OMG–The BEST Vegan Bacon You’ve Ever Tasted!!!!


Just look at that pile of deliciousness! This vegan bacon is oil-free, cheap, delicious, and SUPER easy. I’d read about this method, but was a little chicken to try it until today.

So I spent a good part of the day watching videos of people making vegan bacon with….wait for it: RICE PAPER!!!

I finally decided I was ready to try it and just plunged in. The thing that most people seemed to find most picky is wetting and sticking two pieces of rice paper together (which is essential): because the rice paper is so thin, you have to stick two pieces of rice paper together to make the “bacon” thick enough. Also, apparently, the rice paper becomes a bit tricky once you wet it and stick it together.

I figured, why not wet the rice paper with the marinade (and cut out the water stage). I also figured, why not just stick the rice paper together as a whole sheet, and use a pizza cutter to cut it afterwards (full disclosure: the pizza cutter idea wasn’t mine–it was in the comments on a blog).

So here we go:

Vegan Bacon


6 pieces of rice paper

3 TBS soy sauce

1 TBS liquid smoke

2 TBS maple syrup

2 TBS nutritional yeast

1 TBS water

Preheat your oven to 450.

Mix all the ingredients (except the rice paper) in the magic bullet and blend. Pour into a plate that has a slight depth to it (and that’s slightly bigger than the rice paper).

Place one sheet of rice paper in the plate, smush around, and turn over. Place on a piece of parchment paper (lightly sprayed with oil). Do the same with a second piece of rice paper and stick it on top of the first piece.


Use a pizza cutter to slice into strips.


Place the parchment paper onto a rack and use a baking/pizza peel to place it onto a preheated baking stone in the oven. If you don’t have a peel or a pizza stone, just place the parchment with the “bacon” on a baking pan.


Bake for about nine minutes.

Once you remove the “bacon” strips, use tongs to place each strip on a rack. It will crisp up once it’s out of the oven. You really have to watch it after about seven minutes: you don’t want it to turn black, but you also don’t want it floppy.

This stuff is the bomb-dot-com. SO FREAKIN’ GOOD!!! AND SO FREAKIN’ EASY!!!!


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