DIY Corn Tortillas with Tofu Scramble

I’ve been trying since forever to make decent corn tortillas, and today I came close, buuuuut I’m still not there.

I recently realized that the Bob’s Red Mill masa harina in my pantry is too coarse to do the trick, so I picked up a finer version at Galloway’s in New West last time we were in town. The Bob’s stuff cost me close to ten bucks for a pound, but the Galloway’s masa harina was less than three bucks for almost two pounds!!

I followed the recipe in this video, which is basically, mix a cup of masa harina with a cup and a bit of hot water, let it rest for twenty minutes, roll it into balls, press the balls flat and grill them on a hot pan.

I followed the instructions, but ended up with only five tortillas, and they were a little thick, but not that much thicker than in the video. They were also rather fragile, but they cooked well….not as well as hers (I was reallllllly hoping they’d puff up like hers, but no such luck).

Corn Tortillas

Take a heaping cup of masa harina and mix with a cup of hot water. Add up to a half cup more water as necessary. The dough should be soft, but not sticky.


Let the dough rest for twenty minutes and divide into six balls. Dust your hands with a bit of masa harina as you roll the balls so they don’t stick to the parchment paper when you press out the tortillas.

Using a tortilla press lined with parchment paper, press out the tortillas.


Be gentle when you peel the tortillas off the parchment paper or they will tear. And check out my fresh pedicure in the picture below!


Grill on a hot grill or non-stick pan over medium-high heat until both sides are nice and brown.IMG_20170527_115618

I thought the corn tortillas would be too thick and a bit tough, but they were actually delicious and quite fluffy. I was disappointed they didn’t puff up like the ones in the video, but I’ll keep trying!

I served our piping hot corn tortillas with this Tofu Scramble on a bed of chopped kale and chard (from the garden). I topped the scramble with the Smoky Cheddar Sauce I made yesterday, chopped grape tomatoes and jalapeno peppers, and a sprinkling of cilantro (from the garden).

It was all quite scrumptious!



And now….it’s time to relax!


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