Vegan Quesadilla

I was practicing my corn tortillas today because we’re having a Mexican tofu scramble for dinner, and my tortilla-making skills aren’t the best. After all the fussing around with the cast iron skillet on the stove top last time, I decided to try my electric grill, and it worked brilliantly!

I was left with a couple of little “practice” tortillas, however, and I was a bit peckish, so I decided to try making a little quesadilla.

Now…before I started avoiding dairy, quesadillas used to be one of my favourite things to eat, so I wasn’t holding out much hope for the vegan version.


I topped one of the tortillas with my vegan smoky cheddar sauce and a handful of chopped onions, put the other tortilla on top and let it grill until the cheese was warm.

Topped with salsa and a bit of cilantro, the little quesadilla was delicious!!!

Next time, I’ll try it with my vegan smoky meltable cheddar,


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