Perfect Sweet-Potato Tortillas

The recipe for sweet-potato tortillas is simple: equal parts sweet potato and flour (and 1 tsp of salt). I’m so addicted to these wraps, however, that I’ve now tried a variety of flours, as well as a variety of techniques in order to perfect the world’s most delicious wrap.

Tips and Tricks for a Perfect Sweet Potato Tortilla

  • The most straightforward method of cooking the sweet potato is to steam it in the Instant Pot (with a cup of water) for between fifteen and twenty-two minutes (depending on the size of the sweet potato). Most sweet potatoes seem to be about a pound, so try it at about sixteen minutes.
  • Once the sweet potato is done, peel it with some tongs, slice it into quarters and throw it into a large food processor. Don’t let the sweet potato cool–it’s better for mixing if it’s still quite warm.
  • Next comes the flour: I’ve now tried cup-for-cup gluten-free flour (nope), masa harina (nope), sprouted wheat flour (yup!), sprouted spelt flour (yup!). The winner is a mix of sprouted whole wheat flour and sprouted spelt flour (double yup!!).
  • If your sweet potato is about a pound, you’ll need two cups of flour. I recommend one cup of sprouted wheat flour and one cup of sprouted spelt flour.
  • Once the sweet potato is smooth, add the two cups of flour and one tsp of salt and blend in the food processor. When the dough forms a ball, it’s ready.  If a ball doesn’t form, add a bit more flour.

The dough will be soft and very slightly sticky.

Turn it onto a well-floured surface and roll into a log.

Leave it for ten to twenty minutes to rest.


Once the dough has rested, divide it into eight to twelve (depending on how big your sweet potato is and how much flour you added) balls.

  • Roll out the balls you intend to use and refrigerate the rest. The dough gets better after refrigeration: the tortillas are more elastic, roll out better, and puff up more completely when heated. They last at least five days in the fridge.
  • If you use the sprouted wheat flour/sprouted spelt flour combination, you will be able to roll the tortillas out very thinly. If you use gluten-free or masa harina, they will have to be rolled out quite thickly and will still crack.

Cook them on a hot grill or pan, turning from time to time, and allow them to puff up completely so the inside of the tortilla is well cooked.IMG_0887.jpg


Once cooked, place them in a tea towel so they stay soft. However, they’re best if they’re cooked immediately before the meal (they aren’t as good the next day).

These wraps taste great with savoury fillings, but also sweet fillings–like peanut butter and banana! Because they’re made with only sweet potato and sprouted flour, they’re also super healthy and low fat (and clock in at about 100 calories–most commercial wraps this size are twice the calories!).

Today, I had a breakfast wrap for lunch…



…and a peanut-butter-banana wrap for a mid-afternoon snack.



I was also challenging myself to meet Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen earlier in the day and I think I did so with just these two wraps!



  • Beans: tofu
  • Berries: dried cranberries
  • Other Fruits: banana, avocado
  • Cruciferous vegetables: broccoli sprouts, cauliflower
  • Greens: spinach, romaine, Swiss chard
  • Other Vegetables: sweet potato, potato, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, garlic, jalapeno pepper
  • Flaxseeds: Yup (on peanut butter wrap)
  • Nuts: cashews (in spread on savoury wrap), peanuts (spread on sweet wrap)
  • Spices: dill, turmeric, ginger, pepper, mustard
  • Whole Grains: sprouted whole wheat, sprouted spelt flour

Now, let’s see if we can hit Dr. Fuhrman’s GBOMBS formula as well:


  • Greens: spinach, romaine, chard, broccoli sprouts
  • Beans: tofu
  • Onions: in savoury wrap
  • Mushrooms: ditto
  • Berries: dried cranberries
  • Seeds/nuts: cashews, peanuts, ground flaxseed

And check out our delicious and (almost) WFPB Thanksgiving feast from last Monday evening! James made the mushroom pithivier, gravy, and cole slaw, and I made the potatoes and broccoli:


And I’ll finish up this post with the card my nephew Joey gave me on my 60th birthday. My birthday was a couple of months ago, but I just came across the card again in my journal and was touched once again. When I read it, I said, “Well, that’s kind of like our life up here,” and Joey said, “That’s what I thought!”




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