Vegan Quesadilla

I woke up this morning fantasizing about quesadillas. Back in my pre-WFPB days, I used to make a mean quesadilla with a couple of those HUGE Dempster’s tortillas, onions fried in olive oil, and a nice big pile of grated cheddar….all slapped together and grilled on a well-oiled pan. Now, that kind of quesadilla will clock in at 800 calories. Add guacamole and you’re up to 1,000 calories!

The WFPB quesadilla I made for lunch today is closer to 300 calories and it’s a pretty damn good sub! Plus, you don’t end up feeling disgusting all afternoon after eating all that fat and all those simple carbs (in the white-flour tortilla).

So, how do you make this fabulous, healthy little lunch?

Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy!

Vegan Quesadillas!

First make a couple of these okara tortillas….or these sweet-potato tortillas!

Next, whip up a batch of this deliciously succulent smoky vegan cheddar cheese sauce!

Next, fry some sliced onions….


Smear one tortilla with the smoky cheddar sauce, top with onions and the other tortilla, and grill in a closed electric grill until the sauce bubbles out of the sides!


Top with salsa, sliced serrano or jalapeno peppers, and a generous sprinkling of chopped cilantro.


A completely delicious (and very easy) lunch! Oh, and if you’re wondering why my tortillas are such an odd shape, I inadvertently added too much sprouted flour to my okara. The tortillas are still delicious, but they don’t roll out as well.

And don’t worry…I did give Bustie a couple of little bites!


And the song of the day is The Postal Service’s “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight.” I was completely obsessed with this album in the summer of 2003….I can’t believe that was almost fifteen years ago!!




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