Atomic Wedgie Salad

Today was a glorious day on Denman–the sun was shining and the temperature a balmy 11 degrees. In fact, I even wore my flip flops for our late afternoon hike with the pups. Mind you, I’m still wearing a bulky sweater and a huge scarf, so the flip flops are perhaps a bit premature.

And it’s also pretty chilly when the sun goes down so the stove still contains a roaring fire in the evening.

Still, once my boots come off, it’s unlikely they’ll go back on until November.


Anyway, during that first flip-flop hike of the season, I asked James what he’d like for dinner, and he replied, “A wedgie salad.”

When I suggested that perhaps he meant a “wedge” salad, he claimed that he’d been reading a synopsis of James Comey’s new book, which included mention of Comey being given wedgies by bullies as a young boy.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, James is highly suggestible when it comes to food: so apparently he read the word “wedgie” and thought, “Hmmmm….now a nice wedge salad would be just the thing!”

And being an obliging partner, I produced for him (in honour of James Comey’s boyhood wedgies)….

The All-Vegan Atomic Wedgie Salad!!


For 4 servings

Slather each iceberg quarter in dressing and top with chopped avocado, onion, and vegan bacon bits.



And here’s a little Seinfeld clip of George (also highly food suggestible) explaining the atomic wedgie!



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