Turmeric Face Cream

As you may have gathered, I’m slightly obsessed with turmeric. I’ve even started growing the stuff!


I often rub turmeric on a rough patch on my cheekbone, but it then looks like I have a bruise on my cheek (which James seems particularly freaked out by–particularly when we’re out for a walk and I’m wearing sunglasses!).

Anyway, I decided to make a face cream out of the fresh stuff because I noticed that when I throw a chunk of turmeric in my morning smoothie, I wake up without a red, blotchy face. And I have SUPER sensitive skin–for example, if the shower spray is too strong, I get red streaks all over my chest from the spray–so my face is often blotchy.

Anyway, I figured I’d try a topical face cream with fresh, as opposed to dry, turmeric, and it makes a lovely cream that’s very effective in eliminating blotchiness! The advantage of using fresh turmeric is that it doesn’t stain (in this particular potion). The cream is a lovely light yellow and the colour doesn’t transfer.



Stamp Out the Reds! Face Cream


  • 1 small, unpeeled chunk of organic turmeric
  • 2 TBS coconut oil
  • 1 TBS castor oil
  • 5 drops tea tree oil


Blend together in the magic bullet. Place in freezer until solid. Apply to face every night and wake up with a face clear of redness!

As I mentioned, in the morning, my face is normally pretty red and blotchy, but this picture was this morning after sleeping with a slathering of the turmeric cream on my face. I actually have WAY more wrinkles than are evident in this picture, so I’m not sure if my phone is set to iron-out-the-wrinkles setting (I don’t normally take selfies, so I’m not sure) or the bathroom light was just good–hahaha!

BUT, as for the blotchiness, the only red on my face is the mark from my reading glasses because I was reading the paper before I took the pic. AND I KNOW, RIGHT? That’s how easily my face blotches–a couple of minutes wearing reading glasses and I have two red marks on my face!!



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