Creamy, Versatile, Vegan Dressing….and It’s Only ONE WW Point!!!!

So as you can see, I’m still into the mis en place because of my Rouxbe plant-based cooking course.

One of the Forks-Over-Knives salad-dressing recipes included in the course turned out to be very rich and creamy, yet its creaminess is derived not from high-calorie cashews or tahini, but rather from only ONE tablespoon of chia seeds. The original recipe was for a spicy chipotle dressing, but after tasting it, I realized that it could be adapted in any number of ways depending on the herb or spice you add.

You blend all of the above ingredients in the Vitamix and then let the dressing sit for fifteen minutes until the chia seeds work their magic and make the dressing thick and creamy.

And, of course, I had to add a big glob of my secret ingredient!

The recipe makes about a cup and a half. A serving of a quarter cup is only one Weight Watchers point!

I’m serving it tonight as part of an enchilada bowl!

And James was singing “Our House” this morning, which started me singing it, which prompted me to ask Google to play the song….and then Google just continued playing a variety of songs from the late 60s and early 70s, so we’ve both been enjoying the songs of our childhood all day. And so…the song of the day is Joni Mitchell’s “Help Me,” a song to which I can’t help singing along whenever I hear it.

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