Beet Greens are Delicious!!!

So….even though my beets are just red threads at the moment, the beet leaves are luxurious, and I’ve been adding a few to my morning smoothies and a handful to evening salads. They are quite delicious.

This evening, I wanted to make wilted greens and was after variety, so after harvesting a few kale leaves and quite a lot of Swiss chard, I snipped a big handful of beet leaves to cook up…


It’s kind of amazing how quickly a HUGE pile of greens cook down to almost nothing, however:


Indeed, I had about eight cups all in to start with, but once I started cooking them, I had maaaaaaybe a cup…


And then I served it with marinated tofu over a bed of brown basmati rice…


J said, “That was a lovely dinner,” to which I replied, “And very healthy.” His response, “Wellllll, that ‘healthy’ thing is never much of a selling point for me quite frankly.”


The title of this blog is an homage to my great nephew, Declan…and NOT because he likes beet greens (or any greens, really). His mum (my niece, Sharon) told me a funny story about Dec when was three or four years old. Apparently, Dec (the lover of all animals) asked where bacon (which he LOVES) came from.

Poor Sharon felt a sense of dread as she explained that his beloved bacon came from a beloved animal.

After Dec considered and processed this information for a few moments, he exclaimed, “Mum….pigs are DELICIOUS!!!”

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